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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Post Season/Pre Season Kansas City Chiefs Cheers and Jeers

Howdy do Chiefs fans.  Good 'ol Aiken Drum here to spend a few minutes recounting this last seasons goodies, baddies and sizing up my predictions versus results.  Now, I know that many of you would simply love it if I was way off the mark, but the facts are the facts and they are not in dispute.

Let's start off with some kudos.  Kudos to the Andy Reid lead, Jon Dorsey managed Chiefs!!  That's right fellas, I am giving the team kudos for the year, for one simple reason.  We did indeed claim a moral victory last season.  We broke through the floundering teams definition that BEWSAF gave us after squirmin' Hermie's last two years back in '07-'08. 

I don't think that anyone can truly argue that stringing an 11-5 and a 9-7 season together for your first two seasons as HC would be considered worse than having a losing record for six out of the previous seven seasons, do you?  Of course not!

The trouble is, that improvement in and of itself is not enough.  I submit that said improvement was expected and should have been so from every Chiefs fan on the planet.  Isn't that what hiring a stud Head Coach with experience is supposed statistically proven to do?  Don't think so?  It just so happens that CBS sports recently posted an article about which type of new HC was the most successful going forward with a new team.  They looked at OC's, DC's, previous HC's and college coaches.  That article and info is here.

Despite what you may have heard, college coaches in their first year in the NFL have given teams the largest average year-over-year win increase.

 College coaches are followed closely by former NFL head coaches and then defensive coordinators on this front.

 Over the long term, college coaches also averaged the most wins per year in their full tenure as coach, while former NFL head coaches came in last in that category.

...the teams who fared the worst under the previous regime tended to go what is viewed as the safest route by hiring a former NFL head coach.

The article also notes that ALL coaching changes tend to have an increase in win % simply because their records were so bad that they needed to change coaches. This is why I hold with the opinion that improvement should have been expected.

The real question, my friends, is not whether or not we expect improvement, but what level of play do Chiefs fans really expect of their team, particularly over the long haul?  This has been my objection to Reid from the jump.  It's what I have pointed to time and again as the fail that we will endure because of the Choice of Reid, and now we have some statistical evidence that 'ol Aiken's opinion has a factual basis.

Given the info that this article provided, just how excited should Chiefs fans be about those two winning seasons?  I would argue not very, unless of course just showing improvement is what those fans ultimate goal is/was.  If that is where you are as a Chiefs fan, then hey, you are rollin' in it.

If, however, you (like me) expect more...well, this is just an expected move from point A to point B on the Big Red/Chiefs map.  It's what happens now that will define the Reid years and I expect them to be (as prognosticated) a waste of time.

Here's a synopsis of Reid's time in Philly.  This is pretty much how I see what the Walrus did in Philly.  I expand on this even more (in terms of comparing Reid to his playoff peers) in this article.  If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, I think this part summarizes my feeling about Reid pretty well:

Just going by the numbers (6 NFC East Titles, 5 NFC Championship game appearances, an NFC championship, winningest coach in Eagles history in terms of both number of wins and win percentage), Reid could be considered to have been a stellar coach. However, a deeper analysis of the intangibles that make or break a football team tells a much different story. Andy Reid was not a good field general. His tenure in Philadelphia was marred by poor clock management and an unwillingness to make adjustments (either in-game or from week to week), facets that resulted in a frequent inability to come from behind or hold leads late in games when opposing teams would make them.

And given that the goal of any professional sports team is to win a championship, a 14-year tenure at the helm of a single team that did not result in one has to be considered a failed tenure.

Overall, Reid’s failures must be evaluated in the context of his successes, and vice versa. In those terms, Andy Reid was a very good coach who just simply wasn’t (and likely will never be) of a caliber that will win a Super Bowl.

BOOM.  It just ain't gonna happen folks.  If the ridiculous antics concerning all the roster churn for the Chiefs this off season isn't enough to convince you, then the ludicrous playoff loss two years ago and last years regression should be.

 It's all just a Circus trick that Clark is using to keep butts in the seats for a couple more years.  Nothing more.  Andy Reid and his henchman Dorsey are not the answer, and until something blows up to change that, we are all just treading water.  Just keep watching, and don't hate on the messenger when you realize the truth.


Monday, December 22, 2014

To All Kansas City Chiefs: Do You Miss Me Yet???

LOL!  Well, Todd and the Pittsburgh Steelers made the playoffs yesterday by handing the Chiefs their seventh loss of the season.  I suppose thats sort of appropriate considering how Succop's missed FG was what kept the Steelers out of the playoffs last season don't you think?  No?  Aww...Let's try not to have any hard feelings about this now ok?  I mean, give them their due.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Chiefs Are "Back On Track"?

Really?  Because you handed a terrible football team their eleventh straight road loss?  Because you still can't score a TD with a pass to a WR after 15 weeks of the season?  Because your "coach" is spewing psycho babble about his players "letting their personalities show" because he couldn't otherwise explain the win without giving the Raiders props for mistakes?

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Musical Tribute To Yesterdays Kansas City Chiefs Game

Hey Hey, My My.  It's Andy Reid we need to fry.
Of all the stooooopid, coaches to try
Hey Hey, My My.

Thanks Neil.  Couldn't have said it better.

Well folks I gotta tell ya, it hurts to be as right as I have been about Reid.  The guy just keeps on packing in those ignorant losses with just the right amount of salt.  Enough to bring tears to your eyes but not enough to make you scream.