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Monday, January 8, 2018

We find these truths to be self evident...

     I told you folks Waaaaaaaay back there.  Maybe like 2014.  Maybe like this.  

     Are you tired enough of it yet Chiefs fans?  Tired enough to join me in calling for Reid's head?  Tired enough to expose Alex for the game manager QB that he is rather than acting like he is a franchise QB that Reid magically found hiding behind a giant mushroom in the forest??

     I told you and I told you and I told you.  Even today we have people making excuses for these pretenders.  Clark likes butts in seats 'cause he makes money.  YOUR money.  Here are a few comments I saw an article on NFL.com today discussing the fact that Reid laments not running Hunt more in yesterdays game.

" 5 Years ago Chiefs fans were telling Philly fans they knew more about the guy who had coached here for 14 years and he was a great coach who would win them SBs. Same mistakes, same flaws for 19 years. Nice guy, just not a good coach."

" Counting the 2008 season, Reid is 3-7 in playoff games...but 93-65 in the regular season. Winning during the regular season is great, but if you fizzle in the playoffs, what is the point? Its why the Eagles let him walk"

" This is Andy Reid every year. Saw it in Philly with McCoy, Staley, and Westbrook all the time. Nothing different in KC."

These folks are singing to the Choir here at Chiefs Drumbeat.  So far, I have pretty accurately predicted the path that the Chiefs have followed by putting Andy Reid in the drivers seat in KC.  I even gave the time frame of 3-5 years which we have now met and are rolling toward exceeding.  

All that is left is Chiefs nation waking up and pulling the plug on this farce.  I sure wish I could give a shit about it, but having had to endure this offense after all that has come before has given me a really bad taste in my mouth for the Chiefs.  I don't know.  Maybe if I can see Clark make some changes that tell me he cares more about winning than $$$ I can change my mind, but for now I find NO redemption in being so terribly right about what was happening.

See ya 'round Chiefs fans.  I hope for better things for the future.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nice win, but the Chiefs are doomed. Clark signed the death warrant today.

Why Clark, why?  You have sealed a minimum of five years of wasted time with this kind of talk.

Good God.  He's in total denial.  This is terrible.

Wake up Clark, you just can't do this.

Heed this sage advice.  Please football gods, wake him from the nightmare in which he resides!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wow!! Six Weeks Into The 2015 Kansas City Chiefs Season Aiken's Predictions Are Proving Correct!!

This is Carnac The Magnificent.  I studied Crystal Ball at his school of Prestidigitation and Precognition.  Apparently it worked!  Look at Aiken's prediction of the Kansas City Chiefs season so far and look at it's reality...in some ways exactly the same and in others just slightly different details contribute to the overall picture being perfect!!

I must say that to me, these predictions were very easy to make.  The vast majority of Chiefs fans and on a larger level football pundits of all stripes have encountered one of the biggest swing and a miss moments concerning the Chiefs season since Herman Lee Edwards was leading the charge in KC.  Honestly, I don't see how they didn't see what I so clearly saw...namely, the demise of Andy Reid, Alex Smith and Jon Dorsey.  It wasn't difficult and it wasn't elusive. It was clear as day, and anyone who denies it now is just being stubborn.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's This? Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Hating On Andy Reid and Alex Smith? OMG! Please Clarke, Say It Ain't So!!!

Hello Chiefs fans.  I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him.  Bury him deep, deep beneath the Astroturf of Lincoln Financial Field--where he should have never been exhumed from.  :)

It's so hilarious as to not be believed.  Every year since the Andy and Alex show began, I've seen the same arguments about whether or not they suck.  The amazing part is that there are still plenty of people out there that defend them and pretend they don't--until now.  Hell may have begun to freeze over.